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"Celebrating nature and sustainability"

Criers of Medellín – Best Interactive Digital Story, 2017

Brief synopsis: The interactive web documentary of the singing street vendors of Medellín - Colombia. A virtual journey to discover the world of those who have understood that in trade as in love, it is the voice that seduces.

Directors: Ángela Carabalí & Thibault Durand

Country: Colombia



Juba in the Making

Brief synopsis: “Juba In The Making” is a web documentary that explores past and contemporary life in the city of Juba, the capital of South Sudan. In its first episode, the project focuses on the issues of waste management and environmental awareness in a city where residents suffer from the lack of infrastructure and public services, but where local, small scale initiatives exist and give hope for the future, despite the ongoing conflict.

Director: Florence Miettaux

Country: South Sudan




Brief synopsis: “Resilience” is a new media documentary that weaves together stories from two remote villages in the Peruvian Andes affected by climate change. These communities are organizing to employ ecological restoration techniques, both new and old, in order to cope with the rapid changes in rainfall and temperature.

Director: Kelly Skye

Country: North-America



Bistro in vitro

Brief synopsis: “Bistro in Vitro” is an online design fiction documentary about the future of In Vitro Meat, with a virtual restaurant as its main platform. Bistro in Vitro aims to reflect on the ethics, aesthetics and prospects of lab-grown meat, and instigate a discussion on the future of a possible new food culture.

Director: Koert van Mensvoort

Country: The Netherlands



Demal te niew

Brief synopsis: “Demal te niew” (Go and come back, in Wolof) is aimed at overturning the European perspective on migration. We adopt an original standpoint: we focus on the stories of return migrants from Italy to Senegal. We explore the reasons that brought them home, the ties they still have with Italy, the projects they undertake and their aspirations for the future.

Director: Roberto Malfagia

Country: Italy



Palestine Remix

Brief synopsis: “Palestine Remix” is a cutting-edge project in interactive storytelling. It puts 120 hours of Al Jazeera Network documentaries on Israeli-Palestinian conflict free at fingertips of everybody, allowing anyone to search, view, cut, paste, download and use different parts of various films to create their own stories within minutes.

Director: Rawan Damen

Country: Qatar



Tin of Sardines

Brief synopsis: “Tin of Sardines” is a cross-media project that talks about the respect between species and the consequences caused by human superiority, combining audiovisual and multimedia language. The principle part of the project is a short feature documentary, which talks about the cetaceans in captivity in Barcelona’s Zoo.

Director: Mios Moncayola

Country: Spain



Os Antropolojistas

Brief synopsis: “Os Antropolojistas” is an interactive platform on old professions still existing today in Portugal. It is a project about the memory, the memories and experiences of people who maintain their office as always and who continue with their business in operation.

Directors: Vítor Hugo Costa & Ricardo de Almeida

Country: Portugal



Living Springs

Brief synopsis: “Living Springs” a comprehensive, interactive digital story about the history, science, art, culture and spiritual practices of Barton Springs in Austin, Texas (USA). The project documents and celebrates the Springs and its community, encouraging the user/viewer to consider the many values through a non-linear, user-directed exploration.

Director: Karen Kocher

Country: North-America




Brief synopsis: “Mystal” is an environmentalist interactive music experience where the environment is alive. The interactivity in “Mystal” utilizes the joy of making music to question the footprint left by industrial values and to highlight the inherent values within nature itself.

Directors: Tonia Beglari & Symrin Chawla

Country: North-America